Biohacking: The Risks to Your Health

Biohackers: Live forever or try to die trying.
Long story in The Independent:…/biohacking-transhumanism-aa… #transhumanism #biohacking

The staff of the Soulex Spa in Washington DC found the lifeless corpse of a client lying face-down in a sensory deprivation chamber on the morning of April 29. Aaron Traywick was found dead in the tank. Aaron, 28, had been injected live on stage with a gene therapy that he said could cure herpes.

Stories spread quickly about Traywick’s discovery. Some suggested that the DIY herpes treatments could have been a factor in his premature death. But those who knew Traywick and were familiar with his work suspected something more sinister.

Traywick is part of the growing body hacker community whose goal is to cure diseases, stop aging and eventually end death. He said, on stage, in Austin, before injecting the therapy into his leg, that this test was so important because, if it is successful in any way, we can then move onto cancer.


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