BioAge Labs Positively Demonstrates Prevention of Muscle Atrophy in Clinical Trial

BioAge releases positive topline results from a clinical trial that evaluated muscle atrophy
BioAge Labs is a biotech company in clinical development that develops therapeutics to target the molecular cause of aging and extend human healthy lifespan. Today, BGE-105 was announced as a highly potent small-molecule agonist for the apelin receptor APJ.

After 10 days of bed rest, BGE-105 significantly reduced muscle atrophy in healthy older volunteers.

Longevity. Technology: Loss of muscle mass and power is an universal characteristic of aging, which increases the risk of morbidity and shortens life expectancy. It also reduces quality of living. This loss is accelerated in older people by hospitalisations and forced periods of inactivity.


BioAge announces positive topline results for clinical trial evaluating muscle atrophy

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