BioAge Labs: A Pioneer in Longevity Biotech

Longevity Biotech: \”This is just the beginning\”

BioAge labs, a clinical-stage biotech company, is developing a rapid pipeline of therapies that extend healthy life by targeting the underlying molecular causes for aging. The company has raised over $120 million and is already running multiple clinical trials. Its focus is on developing a pipeline of potential longevity treatments in three areas: brain, muscle and immune aging.

Longevity. BioAge is one of the few companies that seem to be following through on its vision in the longevity biotech sector as rapidly and consistently as other companies. BioAge’s $90 million funding round, announced in 2020, may have seemed optimistic, but the company has consistently delivered on its promises. The company’s AI discovery platform, which is widely praised, also seems to be churning data. This year, a new program exploring the potential of NLRP3 inhibitors in brain aging was born. We spoke to BioAge’s co-founder Kristen Fortney, CEO.

Fortney said that it was \”extremely satisfying\” to see the influx of new companies and investors into the longevity industry.


Longevity biotech: ‘This is still just the beginning’

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