BioAge and Dr. Justin Rebo: Exploring their Potential in the Fight Against Aging Diseases

Interview with Dr. Justin Rebo

We had the chance to interview Dr. Justin Rebo, the founder of the drug discovery company BioAge at the Ending Age Related Diseases 2019 Conference held in New York City.

BioAge has developed a platform for drug discovery that uses machine-learning and artificial intelligence in order to find targets that can promote a healthy lifespan by slowing aging, and the health problems that come with it.

Dr. Rebo is the Vice President of In-Vivo Biology at BioAge. He leads the internal in-vivo platform of the company to identify and assess new druggable target for aging disease and biomedical rejuvenation. Justin has a wealth of academic and business experience in the field of aging. He joined BioAge in 2018.


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