Bill Gates Supports the Revolutionary Waterless Toilet Developed by Cranfield University

Bill Gates Supports Waterless Toilet
Cranfield University developed the waterless toilet.
The toilet was designed for countries without running water.
The toilet does not smell because of the multiple things that happen under the toilet lid once it is closed.
When the lid of the toilet is closed, a set of gears inside the toilet rotates the basin in which the fecal delight has been deposited.
The waste is deposited into the holding chamber, where an inside swipe blade cleans the basin.
Solids fall to the bottom and liquids float to the top.
An archimedes screw is used to move the waste upwards, where it is rolled into pellets and dropped into a combustion chamber.
The combustor will always be on, but it will need an initial power source to start. The team initially thought of using a hand crank to generate power, but has since abandoned that idea. The solar panel above the toilet could be installed, but it would not be cost-effective. They are working on other solutions to this problem.
The poop ash from the combustor should be cleaned out once a week.
The liquid is pumped through pipes located above the combustion chamber.
The liquid is heated, and then passed through 4 bundles of membranes to purify the water.
This purified water is dripped down and stored on the front step.
This water is not clean enough to be drunk, but can be used to grow plants in the garden or for cleaning.
The 4 membranes must be changed every three months to maintain the purification of the water.
What problems can you anticipate with this invention now that you’ve seen the whole thing?
The only thing I can say is I am sure that the swipe blades will remove most of the poop from the holding basin. You know, there are going to be some nasty ski marks.
A skip mark doesn’t exist in places where real people struggle in life.


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