b-hydroxybutyrate prevents senescence of vascular cells: implications for anti-aging effects

A Molecule Appears To Have Anti-Aging effects on the Vascular System

B-hydroxybutyrate appears to slow down the aging of vascular tissues.

According to scientists at Georgia State University, a molecule known as b-hydroxybutyrate appears to have anti-aging effects on vascular system. More specifically, it seems to prevent the senescence in vascular cells, by promoting cell quiescence.

Study Abstract

It is thought that b-hydroxybutyrate elevation during caloric restriction or fasting induces anti-aging effects, and reduces aging-related neurological degeneration. It is not known if b-HB affects the senescence pathways in vascular cell. We report here that bHB promotes quiescence in vascular cells, which inhibits stress-induced premature cell senescence as well as replicative senescence via p53 independent mechanisms. We also identify heterogeneous nucleoribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) A1 as a direct target of bHB binding. hnRNP binding to Octamer-binding transcriptional factors Oct4 and Oct4 expression is significantly enhanced by b-HB. Oct4 increases Lamin B1, which is a critical factor in the prevention of DNA damage-induced ageing. In vivo, both endothelial and vascular smooth muscles of mice were upregulated by b-HB intraperitoneally and fasting.


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