Aubrey de Grey Supports the Party fur Gesundheitsforschung in the Baden-Wurttemberg State Election 2021

Aubrey de Grey, our member of the advisory board, created election posters for the Baden-Wurttemberg state elections on 14th March 2021.

The German Party for Health Research (Party for Health Research in German) has demanded that the state invest an additional 5 billion Euros per year into biomedical and medical research to accelerate the development of effective medicines against diseases of old age.

Here is our election program in German:…erttemberg.

Please consider also donating to our party so we can take part in future elections. We would need, e.g., 50.000 Euro to participate in the federal elections in 12 states this year. Unfortunately, the party does not have enough money to participate in this year’s federal election. Election campaigns can be a great way to spread the word about our cause. We reach many people that we would not otherwise reach. Donating details:


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