Aubrey de Grey on Anti-Aging Science: Part Three

Undoing Aging with Aubrey de Grey, Part Three

The third part of LEAF’s interview with SENS Research Foundation is now available!

Welcome to the third and final part of SENS Undoing Ageing 2018 Interview. We have some more questions for Aubrey today, including questions on future developments and bringing new therapies to market.

Has your opinion on the importance of telomere loss changed since you developed SENS? This is especially true in light of recent findings with fibrosis, and your involvement with AgeX.

Aubrey: No. Let’s begin with the big picture. No one sensible, including myself, has ever claimed that telomere loss has no effect on aging. Telomere loss causes stem cells to lose their proliferative ability and can cause cells to turn senescent. I have not suggested that activating telomerase, or using telomerase genes therapy on aging animals, animal models of age related disease or even human equivalents would not provide some short-term benefits. There was ample animal evidence to support this well before the recent findings with a mouse-model of idiopathic lung fibrosis(IPF)[1].


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