Aubrey de Grey and Nir Barzilai will be participating in a panel discussion entitled Unlocking Secrets of Aging.

A panel featuring Aubrey de Grey with Judy Campisi and Nir Barzilai
Click on the photo to watch the video.

John Lewis, Oisin, is the host. Panel title: A Therapeutic Revolution Against Aging.

Aubrey de Grey in a panel entitled \”A Therapeutic Revolt Against Aging\”. John Lewis, of Oisin, is the host.

The panel was excellent! The panel covered Yamanaka factors as well as epigenetics, partial reprogramming, and more. Judy and Aubrey disagreed on the subject of aging. Nir made a good point that the key to rejuvenation lies in discovering how a 50 year old egg cell can become a rejuvenated child.

Mikhail Batin: I even recorded the audience multiple times — just to you! .


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