Anti-Aging Medicine: Science and Anti-Aging Medicine Exploring the Possibilities of a Life-Extension Medicine

If you’re alive in 30 years, it’s likely that you’ll be alive in 1,000 years…
Life extension may sound absurd to some, but it is real. This science is also called anti-aging medicine or indefinite life extensions, experimental gerontology and biomedical geriatrics. Its goal is to slow down or reverse the processes of aging. What is the result? The result? Do we really need technology? Should we start to ask why our lives aren’t longer?

You might be able to imagine it as a sci-fi futuristic film that you have already seen. It’s not just a sci-fi concept. As you read this, scientists are working on a science that will extend life.

Scientists believe that we are just a few decades away from extending life, and this could forever change the way we live.


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