An Exploration of Fisetin’s Potential as a Senolytic in Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Fisetin clinical trials in patients with thyroiditis autoimmune

Senolitics are one of the best treatments for a number of causes of aging. Fisetin is one of the agents which has shown a senolytic action.

We chose to test fisetin on a patient with autoimmune thyroiditis because of its availability and safety. We chose to focus on the immune system, rather than chronic inflammation, as opposed to most other trials.

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Clinical trials for drugs that target extracellular and intracellular damages leading to aging of the body began in recent years. More information can be found here [1].

Senescent cells, for example, accumulate with age in our bodies. Their abnormal metabolism causes chronic inflammation and they cannot perform their normal functions.

Recent studies have focused on senolitics – substances that induce the apoptosis of senescent cell. They found that after destroying senescent cell in mice, the function and appearance of the body improved.


Clinical trials of Fisetin in a person with autoimmune thyroiditis

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