Alex Vikoulov, \”Exploring the Omega Point Cosmoteleology: Unveiling our Forgotten Future\” (The Origins of Us Part III).

The Omega Point Cosmo Teleology: Our Forgotten Future, Part III

In my daily life, I can see signs that evolution isn’t being pushed forward in an entropic way, but rather by natural selection, complexity, and other evolutionary forces, orchestrated by some strange teleological force, or as McKenna called it, \”the Transcendental object\” at the end. There are many similarities between the Teilhardian Omega Point and the transhumanist Technological Singularity. The coming Technological Singularity may reveal one of the most profound mysteries of fractal reality: consciousness switching from pluralities to singletons and back again. The future Syntellect will allow you to preserve your organic memories, if desired, and will also ensure that your subjectivity will continue into higher realms. #LifeboatFoundation

By Alex Vikoulov

If the doors of perception could be cleansed, everything would become infinite to man. William Blake: \”Man has shut himself in, and now he only sees the world through the narrow chinks that are his cavern.\”


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