Aldous Huxley’s Commentary on Denial Age-Related Death

No more excuses

Excuses are not valid for those who die of old age.

Knowing that all ambitions are doomed to failure at the hands a skeleton is not enough for most people to behave as if death was just a false rumor.

Aldous Huxley is the author of this quote. This quote sums up humanity’s attitude to death very well. It can be read in two different ways. Either as a praise of the human capacity to continue on in spite of death or as a mocking comment on our delusions that we won’t die if we ignore death.

The second interpretation of Huxley’s quote seems to be the most accurate. I think this is because I often see people expressing their unshakeable belief in death and not being afraid of it. Or, as they say when someone dies in my hometown, \”Those who live have it worst\”.


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