AI: Unlocking its Potential for Human Longevity

Why AI will be the best tool for extending our lifespan

Dmitry Kaminskiy talks as if he was trying to unload all he knew about the science and economy of longevity in one sitting. From senolytics, which aims to stop aging cell from releasing inflammatory proteins and molecules, to the trillion dollar life extension industry he and colleagues are trying foster.

The idea that artificial intelligent will drive breakthroughs in healthcare and healthy aging is at the core of the Singularity Hub discussion. This concept was not well-known even five years ago.

At the time, it was deemed too futuristic to think that data science and artificial intelligence could be more accurate than any human doctor’s hypothesis, said Kaminskiy. He is a co-founder of Deep Knowledge Ventures and a managing partner. The investment firm has placed hefty wagers on AI and longevity.


Why AI Will Be the Best Tool for Extending Our Longevity

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