AI-powered EKG test offers affordable early detection of silent heart disease

Mayo Clinic researchers use artificial intelligence to develop a cheap, widely available early detection of silent heart disease

ROCHESTER (Minn.) — A Mayo Clinic research study found that the application of artificial intelligence (AI), to an inexpensive, widely available test, such as the electrocardiogram, results in a simple and affordable early indicator for asymptomatic heart failure. The team of researchers found that the AI/EKG accuracy test compares favorably to other common screening tests such as mammography. Nature Medicine published the findings.

Asymptomatic left-ventricular dysfunction is marked by a weak heartbeat with an increased risk of heart failure. Seven million Americans are affected by this condition, which is linked to a reduced quality of living and shortened lifespan. When diagnosed, asymptomatic left-ventricular dysfunction can be treated.


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