AI and Psychiatry: Exploring the Potential Intersection between Machine Learning and Medicine

Machine Learning and Medicine – Is AI the future of psychiatry and psychiatry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic we hear about a lot today. This interview with Life.

Michael A. Smith MD and Kristen Willeumier PhD from Extension provide some insights into AI technology, and its relationship to psychiatry, which along with neurology studies and treats brain diseases. Dr. Smith believes that AI will be a major part of the future treatment and understanding of disease. This podcast episode of Live Foreverish is available for free on iTunes.

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the intelligence of machines, in contrast to animal or human intelligence. The New World Encyclopedia(tm) states that \”Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch in computer science and technology, deals with intelligent learning and adaptation by machines. John McCarthy coined this term to refer to ‘the science, engineering and making of intelligent machines .’\”.


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