AgeX Therapeutics iTR(tm), a technology that unifies the theory of aging and regeneration

AgeX Therapeutics publishes the theoretical basis of human cell age-reversal in Regenerative Medicine

There is a video and a document that are linked to a theory on ageing.

ALAMEDA, Calif .–( Business WIRE)–AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. (NYSE American: AgeX), a biotechnology firm focused on therapeutics to treat human aging and regenerate, announced that its founder and CEO Michael D. West, PhD, and his colleagues had published a paper on the scientific foundation for the Company’s technology of induced tissue regeneration (iTRTM). The paper describes the work of the scientists at the company in developing a theory that can be used to develop new therapies for age-related diseases and conditions.

Dr. West commented, \”The longevity industry is progressing at a rapid pace, but there’s still no consensus on the root causes of ageing.\” \”We think it’s now possible to combine the various observations about aging in a single model. We outline a theory of aging and regeneration in the paper titled \”Toward a Unified Theory of Aging and Regeneration\” that is the basis of the company’s induced tissues regeneration (iTR).


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