AgeX Therapeutics’ Dr. Michael West shares his insights on the reversibility of human aging.

The Reversibility of Human Aging
We would like to share a presentation by Dr. Michael West, from AgeX Therapeutics. This company develops therapies to fight age-related diseases, by encouraging the body’s regeneration of cells and tissues.

We hosted our first conference on July 12th at the Frederick P. Rose Auditorium of the Cooper Union Campus in New York City. The event was packed with people from the research community, investors, and other members of the community. They came together to hear presentations and panels on biotech and science.

In his presentation, \”Hayflick Rewound : Somatic Restrictions, Epigenetics and the Reversibility Human Aging\”, Michael West, CEO at AgeX Therapeutics discussed the advances in our understanding of induced tissue regeneration and biological regeneration.


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