Advancing Novel Therapeutic Interventions For Unmet Medical Needs: Dr. Michael Hufford — Co-Founder and CEO, LyGenesis; Interim CEO, Morphoceuticals; Scientific Advisor, Juvenescence

Dr. Michael Hufford PhD — Advancing Novel Therapeutics Interventions for Unmet Medical Needs
Advancing Novel Therapeutic Interventions for Unmet Medical Needs – Dr. Michael Hufford Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LyGenesis, Interim CEO of Morphoceuticals, Scientific Advisor at Juvenescence.

Dr. Michael Hufford, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of LyGenesis (, a clinical-stage cell therapy company that transforms patient’s lymph nodes into bioreactors capable of growing functioning ectopic organs. He also serves as the Interim CEO of Morphoceuticals ( a company focused on modifying electric potentials in cells and tissues for a variety of applications in regenerative medicine, from improving amputation stump health and limb regeneration, to organogenesis, to creating a bioelectric atlas where numerous disease indications may be corrected.

Dr. Hufford also serves as a scientific advisor to Juvenescence ( a biotech holding company that develops therapies and products to modify aging and help people live longer.

Dr. Hufford is an entrepreneur and drug-developer with over 20 years’ experience in developing and FDA-approved biologics, small molecules and drug delivery technologies. He has developed and implemented clinical trials and drug-development programs in a variety of therapeutic areas ranging from orphan metabolic disorders to psychiatric, oncology and psychiatric indications. He has raised public, angel, and private financing for his companies using his experience in out-licensing and in-licensing assets at the pre-clinical, clinical, and development stages, as well as in corporate partnerships and investor relations. His philanthropic work includes co-founding and serving as the CEO of Harm Reduction Therapeutics, Inc. (, a nonprofit pharmaceutical company developing low-cost over-the-counter intra-nasal naloxone in the US to help prevent opioid overdose deaths.

Dr. Hufford received his undergraduate degree from Purdue University with distinction, and then his master’s and PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. He completed a Research and Clinical Fellowship within the Department of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School. He is a renowned lecturer and author of over 100 scientific papers, presentations and OpEds. He also holds multiple patents.


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