Achieving Immortality – Exploring the Possibilities for Longevity Technology

New Longevity Technologies: How to Live 200 Years.
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The fact that aging can be cured is becoming more evident. It’s just like other illnesses such as a cold or broken bone. The advancements in biotechnology have allowed for the invention of targeted gene therapy, and supplements that can stop and reverse aging through Longevity Technology. In the last few years, the field of Longevity expanded and evolved. New treatments have been developed for old age diseases that could potentially increase life expectancy by hundreds of years according to leading scientists like David Sinclair and Aubrey De Grey. Metformin, NAD+ and NMN Anti Aging Supplements are only the beginning.

Each day brings us closer to the Singularity. We will see robots that can walk and think, humans on Mars, and finally us merging with the technology. AI News will be covering the most cutting-edge technology innovations of Humanity as they happen.

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00:00 A new Benchmark in Longevity.
01:04 Today’s living longer is possible.
How Genomics can extend our lives.
What are the social concerns?
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