A critical debate: Zoltan Istvan vs JFG Transhumanism and Humanity’s War Against Death

Should We Replace Each Other? | Zoltan Istvan vs. JFG, TPS #257
Yesterday I had a very interesting one-hour debate with Jean-Francois Gairopy, who runs the well-known YouTube Channel The Public Space. This channel is sometimes associated with Alt-Right. We talked about #transhumanism. The debate surprised a lot people. Although I embrace and believe in total diversity, i despise oppression by human biology and the death of humans and advocate any and all means to combat it, including genetic modification and merging machines. This debate makes me appear to be the aggressor. It only confirms what I have always said: that race and cultural bigotry issues are minor in comparison to the battle humanity is fighting against aging and dying. We are all currently fighting to avoid death.

A debate about whether humanity should experiment with its own genes. Guest: Zoltan Isvan, transhumanist.

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