A Clinical Trial Investigates Plasma Dilation as a Potential Method to Slow Aging

Does Plasma Dilution Slow Aging? Lifespan News Extra
Last week, a human trial of plasma dilation began in Russia. The researcher will be comparing the differences between groups with and without albumin, as well as the response of biomarkers to 110% replacement plasma during therapy. Trial is open to Russians and foreigners. This is a hybrid system where part of expenses are paid by volunteers and part by patrons of research. The trial was launched in record time, less than nine months between conception and the date of the trial.

Next, the research group will test plasmapheresis with other longevity treatments to see if dilution of plasma prior to the other treatment can improve the results.

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Is blood the key to aging? A clinical trial is being conducted in Russia to try and answer this question. Scientists are now testing plasma dilution on humans to determine if it can have the same positive impact as previous experiments in mice.

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