3D printing a ‘Biohybrid composite’ for a lifelike artificial skin

Scientists create a new biohybrid composite for 3D printing lifelike synthetic skin

Researchers at Cornell University developed a biomaterial that mimics the behavior of human tissue.

The team’s biohybrid is soft, biocompatible and flexible, thanks to its unique composition of collagen mixed in with a \”zwitterionic\” hydrogel. The scientists’ R&D is still ongoing but they believe their bio-ink can be used to 3D print scaffolds made from patient’s cells that heal wounds directly.

Nikolaos Bouklas is one of the co-lead researchers of the study. He said, \”At the end, we would like to create something that could be used for regenerative medicines, such as scaffolding material that can withstand initial loads until tissue regenerates fully.\” With this material, it is possible to 3D-print a porous framework with cells which could create tissue around the scaffold.


Scientists develop new ‘biohybrid composite’ for 3D printing lifelike artificial skin

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