2035: An Urban Nomad’s Self-Sustaining Solution

This expanding self-sustaining trailer is the perfect solution for urban nomads

In stressful times, it is important to relax in nature to grow and heal. This has led to a growing trend of a nomad lifestyle that does not compromise on comfort. It’s the popularity of RVs, towable trailers and houses on wheels, which promote a mobile lifestyle. How will the world look in a decade?

Jason Carley, an industrial designer, imagines a world where urban life will be punctuated with a nomadic lifestyle. This is triggered by the skyrocketing costs of living and the aging infrastructures which are dependent on environmentally disruptive fuels and technology. Jason imagines a world in 2035, where nomadism will be centered around resource management and efficient travel. This towable trailer is a way to give nature a new lease of life. The rig, which is aimed at young urban customers who are resilient and able to cope with the stress of everyday life for several weeks or months, offers an affordable retreat.


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