2029: Dawn of Immortality, Humanity’s Race To Become Unstoppable Gods

2029: Humanity has become a race of immortals

The RACE OF IMMORTALS is a momentous event in human history. Through scientific discoveries, an intelligent species can become a demigod race.

It’s quite achievable now. It’s possible that this will happen in two phases: In the first stage, we need to increase our lifespan through ever-improving biotechnology. The aging process is now a disease. Around 2029, advances in Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies will allow us to start reversing aging, adding more than one additional year per year to the average life expectancy.

If you are alive in 2030 you have a good chance of living to 100 or beyond. How would life be on the other side if you knew you could live forever? We’ll adjust and get used to this. We will merge with the Global Brain and emerge as Global Mind.


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